About Us

An Equine-Inspired International Resort

A Sporting, Business and Resort Destination

Your first morning at the Grand Oaks reveals the staccato sounds of horses trotting, the crisp sound of a well-hit golf ball or the silent unfolding of a fly rod and its offering, the shared absence of noise.

Visitors arriving from all corners of the globe have found the Grand Oaks to be perfectly located in central Florida for a “stay-cation”, an Olympic level horse show, a corporate retreat or a family gathering. The Grand Oaks is a boutique resort destination for vacations, corporate planning, active sports training and competitions or family gatherings.

On-site accommodations range from the Acorn Cottage with its perfectly appointed white wedding night accoutrements to the Oak Tree Lodge that sleeps 12 and can serve as a private “resort within a resort” -- perfect for meetings or a quick game of golf.

Corporate retreat destinations rarely provide a total immersion into creative thinking, nature and sports training as the Grand Oaks does and still achieve that "close but not too close" from home location. Most major cities in Florida are less than three hours driving time from the Grand Oaks eliminating costly flight connections and fares.

The Grand Oaks Resort is an equine-inspired get-away that fulfills an escape, eco-tourism, golf, and fly fishing, not to mention horseback riding and driving lessons.

The Grand Oaks is indeed unique and deserves your special consideration!