About Us

An Equine Inspired International Resort

As Splendid As the South

Heads in beds, horses in stalls, RV’s tucked away for the night with every imaginable service, plus a few you may not have expected. The Acorn cottage with its perfectly appointed pure white wedding night accoutrement, the Oak Tree Lodge that sleeps 12 and entertains your friends and family and a host of combination cottages and barns that provide an arm’s reach distance from your four-legged family.

As the dew from the Florida pastures rises to expose rolling fields, fresh cut grass and majestic granddaddy oaks, the distant rhythm of horse beats in perfect sync will either send you back to blissful slumber or peak your interest in time to see a grand four-in-hand horse(s) and carriage skim by during morning exercises.

The Grand Oaks Resort is so many things that, like the Museum, it will take hours if not days to fully digest all that is here and offered to our guests. Not just an equine facility with the obligatory covered arena, stalls and trails, The Grand Oaks Resort is truly an equine inspired get-a-way that embraces the love of the horse, the land and a formula for relaxation unlike any other.

Perfect for the entire family, regardless of your interest in horses, fishing, golf nearby at the famous Villages, restaurants and entertainment galore, The Grand Oaks Resort can embrace the entire family from fishing to riding, carriage lessons or just carriage rides. Our mission is for you to relax when you’re not competing or just relax.