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-- MAY 17, 18 & 19

-- JUNE 21, 22 & 23

-- JULY 12, 13 & 14

-- AUGUST 23, 24 & 25

-- SEPTEMBER 20, 21 & 22

Coaches Mo & Matty

Coach Matty Klein & Coach Mo

Coach Matty Klein is is a certified teaching coach with the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association). He has taught over 9,000 students on 23 states and 3 countries. He has been teaching Pickleball for 7 years.

Coach "Mo" (Richard Movsessian) is a certified teaching coach with the IPTPA and has taught over 25,000 students, from 2.5 through 5.0 National Champions. In August of 2018, Coach Mo was honored by the USAPA to be on the list of candidates for selection to the Pickleball Hall of Fame.

$ 500 Per Player

16 Players maximum per Camp

  • Includes 15 Hours of Lessons over 3 Days
  • 2 FREE Pickleball DVD sets ($45 value)
  • Take-home tips & monthly emails
  • 3 Days of Skills, Drills, Strategies and Techniques geared to appropriate levels

Not included but available are



Course covers:

Fundamentals of Pickleball, Stroke Techniques (Explained, Demonstration, Participation + Evaluation of each stroke) and Strategy

Experience this camp in an indoor, air conditioned, pristine location!



Day 1

Fundamentals of Pickleball, Stroke Techniques(Explained, Demonstration, Participation + Evaluation of each stroke) and Strategy

A.) Grip

B.) Ready proper positions - Intermediate and Advanced

> Split Step

> Paddle ready away from body

1.) Take Dink in air

2.) Pro-active Volley

3.) Save Time

C.) Stances - Open & Closed

D.) Percentage Pickleball

1.) Where to play on the court

2.) Targets to hit ball on court

3.) When to play defense & offense

4.) When to speed to game up and when to slow game down

5.) How to aim your paddle

6.) Where & how to play at the NVZ Line

7.) Question and Answer session.

8.) Safety

E.) Learn Sound Dink Technique & Third Hit

1.) Win the NVZ Line dink

2.) Kitchen Pickleball - No lob & points starts after 3 hits

3.) Many more drills depending on ability level in clinic

F.) Ground Stroke Technique

1.) When & where to use it

2.) Practice drills

3.) One on one ball feed

G.) Serve Technique & Serve Strategy

H.) Return of Serve & Return Strategy

I.) Footwork Drills

J.) Play Pickleball Point and Coaches Critique

K.) How to Reduce Unforced Errors

Day 2

A.) Pre Game Warm-up - with a player of equal ability level

1.) Make book on opponent

2.) Check-out the wind & test it

3.) Practice all strokes

4.) Best of court to play

5.) Serve or Receive

B.) Review of Dink & Develop The Third Shot

1.) Third Shot Drills

- for all levels

2.) Technique of Playing the soft game.

Learn when, where and how to slow game down

3.) Best % Ball Placement

- target drills

C.) Fourth And Third Shot Defense Strategies

D.) Summary of First Five Shots Of A Point

E.) Volley Technique (How to Soften a Volley against a Banger)

All Types of Volleys for Every Level

1.) Explanation - with player miming each Volley

2.) Demonstration by Instructors

3.) Participation - player drills & coaches feeding balls

4.) Evaluation of Each Player - coaches critique

F.) Game Playing Points (1 on 1, 2 on 2 with critique)

Day 3

A.) How to Practice Properly - Pre-clinic Warm-up

B.) Who, How, When and Where To Lob

1.) How to defend against a lob

2.) Proper Technique for all types of lobs at all levels

3.) Lob Drills

C.) Overhead Technique

1.) Learn different types of overheads - Backhand, Forehand and Pronation

D.) Spin Strategy

E.) Question and Answer

F.) Drills For All Strokes

G.) Critique

H.) Tournament At End Of Last Clinic

All Afternoon sessions include play/Anylizing

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Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend the Camp, please call Christine at the Grand Oaks Front Desk at 352.750.5500 Ext. 0 or email Info@TheGrandOaks.com

-- We can exchange your Camp reservation for another future Camp upon request should you need to cancel

-- If you cancel and you cannot attend another Camp we will refund the fee in full if another player can fill the vacated spot

-- If you cancel and your spot cannot be filled by another player then we will refund half the fee

-- Non-attendance without notice will result in the fee being non-refundable